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Save on iphone play on ipad

Save on iphone play on ipad

I have a 16gb ipad mini that spotify looks awesome on especially landscape. My phone is 128gb and im wondering how I can save my music on the phone and use my ipad mini to control and play the music off of my iphone. 


I did see I can connect them and share, but not sure if it will be using data or making the ipad download the songs. I just want to see everything thats available from iphone on the ipad and control it from there. Pretty much just use it as storage and I dont see why not since theyre linked together. 

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Does your iPad have the abiliity for a cellular data connection?


Yeah it  has data. The service isnt that great where I live thats why I use saved music and hoping I can do it that way. 

So, you should be able to, but come to think of it, you will need to have both devices on the same wifi network. You can do this by creating a hotspot with your phone if you want, but to my knowledge there is a need for a common wi-fi hotspot.

they can link together and also both have wifi hotspot available. 


ill give it a shot and see what happens

Ok, let me know through this if that helped.

it didnt work out. the tablet played music from the iphone but as soon as i connected it to car via bluetooth... game over. it started streaming and sporadic as i live in the sticks and i have 8 miles to go before i hit 4g.. 8 miles for civilization on one road lol. 


so it seams as you can only have one connection of any kind, either to or from device or bluetooth, not both. i dont understand why spotify is dictating control of service when the system can use bluetooth and devices linked over wifi. 


The bottom of the now playing it shows what to connect to and a little playing around I got it to play on ipad with saved music from iphone. Then it tells me or shows me only 1 connection at a time. why is spotify controling bluetooth? isnt that and shouldnt that be a system only option? thats whats screwing me over now

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