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IOS 12.1 bluetooth streaming audio stutter

IOS 12.1 bluetooth streaming audio stutter






iPhone XS Max

Operating System

iOS 12.1


My Question or Issue

Before iOS 12 i could pair my iphone to my cars stereo for music and it would connect as soon as i got in the car, one tap on the stereo and it would play music, didnt even need to take it out of my pocket.... perfect audio quality no issues. This was on my iphone 6 on iOS 11.xx. As soon as i updated to 12, i had to choose ‘forget bluetooth device’ in settings EVERYTIME i either change to radio or turn the engine off, or it will play choppy audio upon reconnecting to iphone.. best way i can describe it is like its stuttering every second of the song. If i go Settings>bluetooth>forget device and pair it again,  it comes back to normal. I thought it was the phone as it was constantly crashing etc anyway so when i got an upgrade to the XS Max i thought it would be perfect again, Nah. Its the same.... tried my android work phone and its perfect, can turn the engine off get back in, carries on where you left off.... so its 100% IOS issue. Obviously this is a spotify forum but ive asked everywhere else and nobody has answered it. Must be other people with the same problem? Is there anything we can do??? Ive tried all the ‘fixes’ nothing works. I asked on apple forums and all i got was to do that, re-pair every time, like seriously? Apple have released 12.0.1 and now 12.1 and still no fix? Does anyone know if they are ever going to fix it? Its so annoying. 

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I'm not an automotive expert, but you could try updating the firmware of you car's entertainment system. Usually this is done by downloading the patch from the manufacturer's website and inserting it on a flash drive into your car. Sometimes they update the behavior or encoding of the datastream for multimedia devices to increase the compatibility with the most recent phones. 

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