IOS Offline playlist data usage


IOS Offline playlist data usage


Hey guys,


using spotify for a pretty long time now and using it a lot on the road on my mobile. I have a few playlists downloaded to my iPhone 5S and playing those tracks, but somehow spotify is stilll using data. My guess is that the app still downloads the covers and that it's significantly using my data.. I just have 1.5GB/month and when I' using spotify 2 hours a day, 5 days a week that data is using a chunk out of my bandwidth.


I don't want to block internet acces to spotify in iOS because I want to be able to search/stream some songs easily without the hassle of turning data usage on and switching back to spotify, or having to turn on 'offline mode' in spotify.. same reason.


Is it possible that the cover albums use the data? around 40-50MB/hour is my guesstimate? and.. if yes.. is it possible to add an option to download or not download the covers?