[IOS] Queue does not display correctly on iPhone


[IOS] Queue does not display correctly on iPhone



Premium Family





iPhone 8

Operating System

iOS 12.2 running Spotify v8.5.7.601


My Question or Issue

The same one I asked about around a year ago, here.


tl;dr- When looking at my queue on my phone, the last song in the queue is completely blank, and there is no way to interact with it. No part of the song listing is clickable/interactable.  I've done a lot of debugging to try and fix it.


The issue was fixed for a while, and it was great. But recently the issue came back and I don't know why it was broken again after getting fixed. It's almost the exact same way it was before (as detailed in my last post), and I've tried all the debugging steps that were listed/suggested there and the issue persists. The only difference is that I can see the currently playing song now, but I am still not able to interact with the last song on my queue.