Why was any of this necessary?


Why was any of this necessary?


Why can't Spotify just leave well enough alone? The old layout was perfect. Now when i go to my artists, only like a dozen of my hundreds of artists are actually saved and the little bar on the side where you could skip from letter to letter isn't there anymore so it takes forever to sort through anything. I get they want to promote podcasts and all that but i can think of atleast a dozen better ways of doing it than this. Spotify, PLEASE revert back to the old layout.


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Re: Why was any of this necessary?

Casual Listener

Can't agree more, the new update is absolute trash. Spoke with support and their solution was that you need to follow an artist as well as download the song. Which is quite possibly the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Having to download a song as well as essentially download a feature to let you sort the song by artist is ridiculous. Hopefully enough people complain that they change it back