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[IOS] iPhone: podcast not ordered by new release after new update

[IOS] iPhone: podcast not ordered by new release after new update







iPhone XR

Operating System

iOS 14

spotify version


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Hello, after the latest update my podcasts can no longer be ordered by newest release. Or I can’t find the way to make it order this way.

This is quite bothersome since I listen a lot to podcast and have many so I want to easily see which podcasts have released a new episode without scrolling through the whole list


Does anyone have the same trouble or an idea how to fix it?


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Hey @svinto9,


Welcome to the Spotify Community.


We've recently made some changes to Your Library on iOS and Android in an effort to bring more functionality and better controls to the Spotify library.


Even if at the moment it's not possible for you to filter your podcasts by new release, If you're following the podcast, you should be able to see all new episodes on the section called "New Episodes" that is pinned by default. This section also has a "continue listening" spot at the top for started episodes that you haven't finished yet.


You can find more info about the new Your Library view here.


We hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.

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This has to be changed! Simply add: sort by newest release. This is how it been by default before. The "new episodes" list is not usable when subscribing to lots of podcast, as mentions by the initial issue. 

I’m having an issue like this as well after the new update. Your music and podcasts got merged into one library. I can filter so just podcast show but then when I select to sort by “recently added” it does not actually sort by recently added. Some podcasts with recently added content will be at the top of the list yet others will be at the bottom of the list. Not a useful design when you follow so many podcasts. 

Yes, recently added references what you personally added last to your podcasts, but its most interesting to see the podcasts at the top that recently uploaded something.

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