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IOS spotify crash

IOS spotify crash

Brief description of the issue:

Spotify iOS app crashes after 30 seconds of being open/playing a song.
App only crashes when using Wi-fi. App does not crash on cellular or on offline mode.


When the app crashes, it closes and shows the home screen but if you double-tap the home button on the iphone it shows that spotify is still open in the background.

If i open spotify up again it loads as if it was closed the whole time.


Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. open spotify app
  2. play any song/album
  3. app stops playing music and closes

What steps you’ve tried already:

- Changing iphone region to a different country - Did not work

- Restarting iphone - did not work

- Deleting and reinstalling app - did not work

- adjusting crossfade, gapless playback settings, etc - did not work

- reset network settings in iphone settings - did not work


- changing spotify to offline mode - Works although once switched back to online then crashes again

- using cellular instead of wi-fi - Works, although once switched back to wi-fi it crashes soon after


Number of playlists:



Your device and operating system

Iphone 6, iOS 9.2.1


Type of Spotify account you have:



The app version of Spotify you’re using:




I appreciate the help
Kind regards

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Hi @jamessyyboy,


Please try this solution presented by a user who also went through this:


"- Go to the App Store and type “Spotify” in the search box
- Tap on Spotify icon and tap “Uninstall”
- Do not download Spotify app right away. Wait for 5 minutes.
- Reinstall Spotify from the App Store by clicking on “Install”
- What it does: The trick here is to wait for sometime before you reinstall Spotify app. Every iOS app can be removed instantly, but it takes a while for the core files to erase themselves from your device. So waiting for 5-10 minutes will get rid of old Spotify files, after which you can install it again.
This worked for me."

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Same issue, last iOS version (on iphone 6), last spotify version. I've been having this for many many months now (even had it with my previous iphone 5!), have seen lots of posts about this on the forums (with only advice: reinstall app, update everything, which  YES I HAVE DONE, multiple times, quite enjoyable when you need to resync 15 gB of offline playlists, but problem keeps coming back) but is never properly addressed by Spotify. Really annoying when you need to update playlists for offline availability, and you have to restart the app after every 2-3 synced songs..


Getting really sick of this!



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