Iphone 5S app crashes when going on wifi

Iphone 5S app crashes when going on wifi

The app crashes when trying to launch on my iphone 5S with the latest IOS 9.1 when I am on wifi. 


If I am not online via wifi, the app launches and I am able to listen to music. The minute I enable wifi the app crashes again.


I have tried uninstalling the app several times while restarting the iphone during the process. 


What to do?



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Same issue, last iOS version, last spotify version. I've been having this for many many months now (even had it with my previous iphone 5!), have seen lots of posts about this on the forums (with only advice: reinstall app, update everything, which  YES I HAVE DONE, multiple times, quite enjoyable when you need to resync 15 gB of offline playlists, but doesn't solve anything) but is never properly addressed by Spotify. Really annoying when you need to update playlists for offline availability, and you have to restart the app after every 2-3 synced songs..


Getting really sick of this!



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