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In am The only one with a Spotify that skips on Sonos-just me

In am The only one with a Spotify that skips on Sonos-just me


Country=United States


I share a space with other teachers and we all use spotify on sonos....about a month ago now, I am the only person out the 6 that her spotify skips songs while using spotify and sonos. I get errors readings that say the song is not properly encoded???

I have tried re-seting both app, deleting them, .... now I am wondering if something is wrong with my spotify account. Have had it since 2011...literally hundreds of playlists and they all skip. I have even had other teachers play a playlist of mine on their phone and it will skip ...when theirs does not. I have reached the end of my!




iphone 11 promax

Operating System

IOS 13.5.1


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Hi @stacheesworld,

Truly It's Disturbing When Song Skips.. Especially When You Are Paying Money To Enjoy Songs Without Any Issue.. See, I Am Not An Spotify Expert.. However As Being A Diehard & Loyal Fan Of Spotify I Want Each Members Gets The Best Out Of It.. So, For You.. I Searched This.. Please Take A Look If This Turns Helpful To You Or Not:

If Problem Still Persists, Please Feel Free To Post Here Mate.. Spotify Rockstars / Moderators Are There To Help Us All The Time With Their Technical Expertise..

With Best Wishes & Regards,
Rahul Haldar - Spotify's Diehard & Loyal Fan

as the article recommends...reseting router...check

and no, we play at separate is just my account that skips.

Really at the end of my rope now.

Hi @stacheesworld,

Thank You For Reverting Back.. Feeling So Sad That I Have Not Been Able To Assist You With The Issue.. However, Not To Worry At All, Spotify's Rockstar / Moderator Will Surely Look Into The Matter And Will Help You Out With The Issue.. For The Time Being, If Possible, Keep Listening To Spotify In Any Other Device Where There's No Issue.. And Once This Spotify-Sonos Error Gets Rectified And Songs Stops Skipping, Continue Enjoying Music To Your Favorite Device..

Thanking You..

With Regards,
Rahul Haldar - Spotify's Diehard & Loyal Fan

I'll throw my name in the mix. I too have been having issues with Spotify cutting out and skipping on Sonos - and we're not alone. I've read many reports at the Sonos forums as well with users experiencing the same. I'm a new Spotify user and I'm bummed that this happens often when using Sonos. I don't have these issues with any other services than Spotify. It's a drag! 

Same happens for me. Only with Spotify, the Sonos Radio channels working perfectly. Already tried to use a Sonos Boost because the Sonos Experts gave me this Tip. Same result, spend this money for nothing. And it doesn't matter if i use the Sonos App or the Spotify App 😞

Hey there @cloudy09


Thanks for reaching out about this. We're sorry to hear that you're having these issues, and we'll do our best to help you sort this out.


Would you mind sending over a video where we can take a better look at what happens? 


You can send a link to it or attach it to your next response to us by using the Insert Video option in the post editor.


We'll be on the lookout for your reply.

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