Ios 4 WiFi controlled.


Ios 4 WiFi controlled.

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Hi there everyone, this is my first post here in the community, but I've been using spotify since it was first released 🙂

Well, I have an iphone 3G which I use as an iPod in my sony speaker. It works great with spotify, the only problem is that Since spotify for ios 4 is gone it won't get any updates, which is sad because I really like the feature where you can control your spotify through your devices. It would be really great in this case, because being forced to go back and forth to the slow iphone 3G is a pain In the @**.

Do anyone know how I can control my iphone 3G spotify in any other way?
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Re: Ios 4 WiFi controlled.

There are various apps on the App Store, relating to Spotify, that have the word "Remote" in them. Whether or not these will suit your purpose and/or are still supported on IOS4 is anyone's guess.

A quick perusal of the App Store might be all it takes. Other than that, I got nothing.