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Spotify Connect for iPhones

Spotify Connect for iPhones

I had a question regarding Spotify connect. The information I read about the feature is that in order for it to turn on, the devices have to be on the same network. However, I gave my account info to a good friend who is overseas, stationed in Japan. When he logged in he was able to change my playback with his phone. How is this possible if we are not on the same network? Is there a way to turn this feature off to avoid confusion in the future? Any help will be greatful! Thanks!

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Spotify Connect works over mobile internet too, and there is no way to disable it I'm afraid.

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To disable Spotify Connect, you either go offline or switch off your internet on your device.
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I thought it only worked over WiFi, hence the requirement to be on the same network?

The only other way I could see this working, following this principal, is if both phones were on the same VPN.

Making it accessible over mobile internet etc has it's security risks, no?

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