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Iphone 4s offline modus not working

Iphone 4s offline modus not working

Hi Community, 🙂


I got an iphone 4s and have spotify premium. But spotify offline is not working. On my Computer (windows 7) it says "Playlist offline" (green download sign) and on my iphone i have pressed the button "offline" as well but it's not working. As soon as I disconnect my wifi, spotify is telling me that those songs/ playlistes are only available online. But I did "download" them. 



I'm from germany so I don't really know if that makes a diffrence 🙂 or if there is a "Spotify Community" as well. 😉


Thanks for helping 😉



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I'm sorry, I got a bit confused.

How long did you left the iPhone downloading the songs?

Also, what's the size of the playlist?

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