Iphone and Kenwood


Iphone and Kenwood








(iPhone 8 plus

Operating System

(iOS 12.4.1


My Question or Issue

 I have a problem that just started about 2 weeks ago. I have a Kenwood ddx595 radio in my car I use spotify with and it worked great up until a couple weeks ago.  Now I cannot browse songs, playlist, Artist nothing at all from my radio. use to the screen on my phone wouid not let me control spotify I had to with the radio when pluged in with usb. Now i have to control it with the phone. I have the newest version of the spotify app and the kenwood app on my phone.  I updated the filmware on my radio after i got this problem. Uninstalled both apps and reinstalled a few times. Checked seeting and nothing has fixed the proble. If I start spotify with my phone and have a song playing I can pause it and skip forward and backwords a song but I can not browse my playlist or artist and songs. I have tried it have the device lock screen setting both on and off and it does nothing to help the problem. Any help with this issue will be appriceated. I think it has something  to do with ios 12 I waited a while to upated my phone and after that I think thats when the problems started.