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Iphone syncing problems

Iphone syncing problems

New on Spotify. Love it.  However, I see that every track I add to computer auto syncs to iphone. Using space. How do I delete unwanted songs on iphone, and how do I prevent new tracks on computer from syncing the songs I don't want on iphone

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


Just to let you know I am moving your post over into the iOS section since this is an iPhone related topic.


When you say every track you add on your computer, do you mean tracks which you add to a playlist? And if so, do you have that playlist set for offline listening on your iPhone? Tracks on playlists won't take up storage space on your device unless you have them downloaded for offline usage. 




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I sloved this last Fe b. Thks!  Pushed the offline on button.:( Borth laptop and iphone are clear of music. Offline is off oniphone.  Devices won't show iphone, so I can't put offline off.  Help!!! 

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