Issue changing / skipping track in VW Composition Media System


Issue changing / skipping track in VW Composition Media System


Anyone else having this issue?


iPhone 6, latest iOS. Plugged into USB port of media system in vehicle (vehicle is brand new model Polo).


Music plays fine through audio system of car. You have to use the spoitfy interface on the phone to start playing music, change tracks etc. Volume control on car's media system controls the volume fine as does the control on the steering wheel. However, when trying to skip to next track or control the music (such as play, pause etc) using the touchscreen of the VW media system or the controls on the steering wheel, spotify stops playing and iTunes on the iphone starts either playing from the last point or selects a track randomly.  In otherwords, trying to control spotify using the media system's controls (including those on the steering wheel) causes spotify to stop playing and iTunes to start up. The only way to control spotify is through the phone's interface which isnt an option when driving.  The only way to get spotify playing again is to grab the phone, bring up the spotify interface and hit play, or select a track via the touch screen of the phone.


I've also noticed metadata (track name, graphics etc) not transferring correctly and wrong track being shown on the VW's media system.



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Hello! I know this post is super old but I am having this problem and can’t figure it out for the life of me.


I just bought a VW Tiguan, it’s a 2010. I got this CarPro audio Bluetooth connector off amazon to plug into the MDI cord in the glovebox. My phone connects fine via Bluetooth and will play music. The problem is it auto plays my downloaded music when first connected (like my downloaded Apple Music, not Spotify downloaded).  I can control what plays with my phone, so I have to manually go select a song in a Spotify. After the song ends, it goes right back to playing my downloaded music outside of Spotify. This happens randomly. Sometimes it will play several Spotify tracks in a row without issue, then all the sudden goes right back to “that one song.” Often this will happen after every single song so it’s quite annoying. 

I tried deleting Apple Music or any of my downloaded music, but the system requires some media to be downloaded otherwise it won’t connect. For some reason it didn’t work for a downloaded podcast either. 

Does anyone have a solution for this? 


I have exactly the same problem on a VW Golf 7 2015 with Composition Media (5G0035819A software version 486) both using cable and bluetooth (And iPhone 6 and 7 with respectively IOS 9 / 10). Song title and album artwork is not showing up and I can't use the VW controls to control the music.


It works perfectly fine with Itunes and it also works with other music streaming apps, but not with Spotify

I've exactly the same problem, but mine is a Golf MK7 with Discover Media System. My guess is that Spotify is not compatible with VW MDI.

Anyone else?