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Issue with Siri

Issue with Siri

I'm using Spotify on iPhone 4S (Verizon), iOS 6.0.1 and having issues with Siri while driving.


When I press and hold home button on my iPhone to launch Siri then it launches (looks like phone call from car perspective) as usual but after 2 seconds "phone call" ends. However, Siri icon doesn't disappear on iPhone's screen.


Result: no music, no Siri.


It doesn't occur without a car (works as expected - Siri listen, answer and after Home button music start playing).

While driving it doesn't matter is Spotify app in foreground or in background - still having issues with Siri in both cases.


I can normally use Siri with stock from iOS and also with third-party apps (tested with Downcast).


Car is Toyota Prius V 2012 model Two (Basic audio).

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Exact same problem here. 2012 Toyota Rav4 and iPhone 5 on iOS 6.0.1 via Bluetooth. Spotify pauses and Siri opens, but it can't hear me and closes after a couple seconds. Then, neither one will work until I kill the Spotify background app (double-click home button to bring up recent programs, hold icon, press minus button that pops up) or restart the car.

Also, the song info only updates to my car display once in a great while.

Other apps (iPhone music, Pandora, Downcast) do not have either problem. I can use Siri, and they update the song info fine.

I have similar issues. When I try to use Siri, I hear the Siri start tone but immediately after, hear the Siri end tone. I have to close Spotify in my car every time I want to use Siri. I also have a Toyota. Maybe the issue is specific to Toyota audio equipment seeing as you both have Toyotas as well. Toyota Corolla 2012, Using Spotify premium connected through bluetooth on iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.2.

Same issue with an aftermarket bluetooth/USB radio. Using an iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1.2 and Spotify premium. When I attempt to use Siri (over bluetooth) while Spotify is open (background or not) it will cause Siri to instantly close. Also, sends incorrect song placement (i.e. song 231 of 21 or 15/15) when it should be 220/231 or something like that.

Same issue here. It should be noted that the issue is specific to spotify. It doesn't happen when listening to the built in music app

Siri does not work with Spotify. Please fix soon or I will cancel my membership.

Hi, for the reference, it isn't specific to Toyota.  I have a GMC Terrain, and I am experiencing the same problem. 

This is still an unresolved issue as of ios 7.0.1

But how do you get premium on Spotify?

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