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Issues using "Connect"

Issues using "Connect"

Hello chaps, trying to make this happen at home


I'm using a Philips MC18080/12, it plays Spotify no problem at home as does my Iphone 4 with ios6.
In the video above she looks as though she presses the speaker icon at the bottom and the option for the home hifi appears, well it doesn't with mine for some reason, have I got the wrong version on my phone maybe? (fresh install today)
My iphone is obviously connected to my wifi, the Philips unit is connected to the Internet hub via an Ethernet cable rather then wirelessly.
When I use the phone to play a tune on spoty it pauses the Philips spotify, but really wanted to use the "Connect" option so I can use my phone as the home controller.

Let me know what Im doing wrong?


Cheers Drew

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Hey Marineboy,


allways, if you start a tune on an other device, it will stop any tune running on a device that uses the same account. It sounds like you try to control the philips with your iPhone but you want to connect your iPhone to the phillips if I understand you correct. Is there a common protocoll for this connect from iPhone to  Phillips?




robbe (at) -

What kind of soundspeaker icon you have on the ios app? Simple plain white or green with a circle? 

No in doesnt appear there there is a common protacoll, but I think it must be the wrong version of the Mobile App, unless the Philips needs to be on wireless which it has, but its using the Ethernet cable.



Thanks for the reply also, I have the white speaker icon and not the green one. Is the green one a different app or is it just when it recieves connection to the Wifi hifi?

Ok. Mind that despite the fact that Spotify Connect is advertised everywhere (even in FAQ section) this is rolling-out feature so maybe you're still not part of the "lucky ones group" 🙂 (like me and other millions of premium users). You are a premium user, aren't you? Because Connect is for premium users only.

Yes a premium user, might try installing it on something else, be nice if Spotify would be more open about this. I see the currant tie in seems to be with pioneer, perhaps there trying to make it exclusive to them?. How does the App on my phone know that it should have Premium features when its the same as the demo and free versions? Using Spotify on the controller that came with the philips and the little colour screen is totally rubbish.

If you're a premium user then Spotify (the app I mean) will now it by your account. If you're eligible for Connect and I repeat IF YOU ARE a lucky user then you'll be able to use it. Theorically, if you are a lucky user (never tired to repeat) the app should have the green button because it will see in your network another Connect-enabled device. That's all. 

Thanks for your help Lorenzo, I wonder if anyone knows what version it is or was,? mine is Spotify

that's the latest. Keep calm and wait (hopefully not too long) 🙂

I've also asked the Spotify team for a little clarification on the connect roll out, since it does appear to be a bit of a mystery at the minute!



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Thanks Peter keeps us posted if they reply, cant understand how it slipped out?

No mistery Peter. It's like the Collection feature...announced but still in the early beta phase after nearly one year 🙂 I've read that someone has Connect enabled...lucky them!

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