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Jumps to radio when selecting ‘see all songs’

Jumps to radio when selecting ‘see all songs’






iPhone SE

Operating System

iOS 12.0.1.


My Question or Issue

 I have used the Search function for a band name and then selected ‘see all songs’ to play their songs in an (almost) decreasing order based on popularity.

I haven’t found any other way to do this, but please enlighten me!

Now this doesn’t work, Spotify just jumps to radio based on the song I started with.

Same thing happens if I select ‘songs’.

It hasn’t been like this before, I could always play all the songs.

Very annoying

i tried deleting the app, restart the phone, turn off the ‘autoplay’ function..

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I am having the same issue, and it is super annoying that you cannot listen to all the songs of the artist, but it starts playing radio instead...

Hey @eigilsk.


Thanks for reaching out on the Community - we'll be glad to help 🙂 


This is a new feature on Spotify's part which was implemented with the latest version, so that if you search for a track and start playing, this will automatically play from Radio.


If you would like to have the original feature back, you can create an idea in the Ideas Exchange here and get others to vote for it. If it garners enough votes, then Spotify might consider implementing it!


Hope that helps. Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with 🙂

As I (ironically?) can see from the ´not an issue´ section this is actually an issue.

I don’t see the point, and the least one should be able to ask for is that it should be possible to turn this function off when turning ‘autoplay’ off.

Or is there any other secret way?

Hey @eigilsk.


Thanks for getting back to us.


If you'd like to listen to a selection of popular songs from an artist, we recommend visiting an Artist profile and choosing a song there. That will cause the app to play songs from the artist only.


If you'd like to see something different in the app, we recommend leaving a post in the Ideas section. It's where we look through feedback and ideas from user 🙂


Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

**bleep** is this really true?

I spent so many hours trying to fix this cause I thought it was an issue with my client being corrupt.

Instead of asking them to change this and hope for some**bleep** votes that ”might” make the devs revert this I’ll cancel my subscription I’ve had for 5 years and ask everyone else to do the same until they revert the change.


Meanwhile I’ll try Apple Music and give Spotify an explanation and givning it 1-star in the appstore.

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