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Keep losing starred tracks

Keep losing starred tracks

Using Spotify desktop, I copied some of my songs to 'Starred'. When I opened the application on my iPod a few hours later, I noticed there were no starred songs. I have just gone back on to the desktop version and it says "Your starred playlist is empty". This has happened twice in the last 2 days.


Thanks for any help.


Edit: Sorry, perhaps this would be better in another section?

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@CC91 Welcome to Spotify Community!

2 Reasons I can think of:
1. Someone is using your account or.
2. when you added those tracks, you are not connected to the internet/DC from internet.

Anyway, fill up this form below, give a more detailed description (eg songs you have added approx what time, etc etc) and a spotify staff will assist on your account:
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I had an issue like this where my playlists suddenly became empty. A couple tries relogging in and relogging out fixed it for me. Hopefully that will work for you?

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