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Keeps turning my offline playlist off!

Keeps turning my offline playlist off!

I'm a premium customer and only using 2 of my 3 devices offline. This has happened several times where it just turns my list off saying I'm using three devices, which I'm clearly not. So I have to resync everything. My other device doesn't do this just my iphone. This's is getting old....
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Hi @kdub and welcome to the community 🙂


If you go to your offline devices page, does it list two or three devices?


It's possible (although unlikely) that you have an extra device you don't know about, or that one of your devices has been included twice (although this normally only happens with Android devices).



Yeah I checked that before I posted to make sure and it only had 2 devices listed. Thanks for trying to help.

Does it happen randomly or after an event, like I have seen reports of this before caused by the phone running out of battery.

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