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Kids Spotify App

Kids Spotify App

Plan - Premium family 

Country - USA


Device - Apple Watch 6 SE

               Apple iphone 12

Operating System

iOS 16 and all update performed 


Still having trouble, I purchased Apple cellular watches for my kids and a family Spotify plan to find out we can’t run kids Spotify on their watches  stand-alone about a year ago. Since then the kids have grown and we just picked up two new iPhone 12’s for them to connect to their watches so they can finally have Spotify kids app on their phone and watches. But…. Still can’t get the kids app to the watch. It’s downloaded to their phones, logged in, and working. But when you go into the watch section for apps that can be loaded to the watch, the kids app is still not available. How can we fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


thank you


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