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iPhone 6S

Operating System

iOS 11.4.1


Searched for "playlist position" showed 546 results, that should give you an idea of the 50 kudos a year. I have 5 playlists, each varying from 300-500 songs, if i want to go back a few songs in a playlist, i have to scroll until my fingers hurt. Every operation outside the playlist requiers re-scrolling the playlist ( adjusting eq, searcheing for a song/artist/etc).

I've seen this request since 2012 until many years and a simple feature like this can't be implemented? LOL.

I was planning for using Spotify cross platform but i just can't deal with this...don't start me about the implemented queqe.

Was using android until about two monthe ago, was very happy with Google Music, but on iOS it doesn't have an eq, that's why i tried Spotify, but there are some serious drawbacks to the way the app works. 

After trying all music streaming services available in my country, i thought i'd give Spotify a try, but here are the more important things i'm missing, which thousands of users requested, the vote system is a joke...anyway...

1. Most important - remember playlist scroll position

2. Ability to simply remove a song from playlist/library with a swipe

3. Ability to favorite songs and add them later to a playlist.


Do any of Spotify employees use Spotify? Don't mean to be rude, but this is my first and last post here after reading this forum for about a month, you seem not to care about the customers using your streaming service, you keep mentioning the vote system, not offering any good alternativers to what customers need. Hope you will read my post and think about it, thanks.



2 Replies

Hi Sikfarafrik, welcome to the community!


Sorry to hear that Spotify hasn't been meeting your needs. As always, Spotify is improving their product as much as they can. Spotify does take the community's ideas very seriously and consider each of them when they reach a high number of votes. However, unfortunately they need to prioritise whether the idea fits their "vision" of where they want the product to be. The ideas are merely suggestions and Spotify are under no obligation to implement the requested features.


I personally hope that you find a music streaming service that fits your needs, and if not, I hope that we see you again on Spotify.


Thanks, and have a lovely day!

I'm sorry, but Spotify 'has' got an obligation to its user base. Such notions outside of this will only see the demise of the service. 
If they were to pay attention to what users are saying and respond in kind 'that' is to pay respect - at least. 
However, to not acknowledge issues is to show a grave amount of disrespect.


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