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Like button in iOS app

Like button in iOS app

Maybe there are too many trees in order to see the wood….


But I’m just looking for a way to like a song in the iOS app. When I’m listening to a song on a playlist or a radio how do I like a song?


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To like a song in the iOS app while you're listening to a playlist or radio, you can follow these steps:

Launch the Music app on your iOS device.
Navigate to the playlist or radio station where the song is playing.
Locate the Now Playing screen. This screen displays the currently playing song.
On the Now Playing screen, you should see the album artwork, song title, artist name, and playback controls.
Look for the "heart" icon or a thumbs-up icon, usually located below the song details or near the playback controls.
Tap on the heart or thumbs-up icon to like the song.  

Thanks, but there is no heart symbol in the iOS Spotify app. See screenshot for an example.


Hey @2ocgqfv-o_war,


Thanks for the reply.


You can use the plus sign to add it to the part of the library you want the song to be in.


Hope this clears things a bit,



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Ok, thanks so much. So I suppose if I use the + sign to add a song to the My Favorites playlist Spotify will recognize and learn the song as one I like. Am I right?


Yes, that clears things up. However I find it highly unintuitive and perplexing that I have to add a song to a certain playlist in order to let the algorithm know that I like a song. It’s almost like Spotify doesn’t want me to like or dislike songs. 

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