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Limited numer of chromecast devices listed in the app

Limited numer of chromecast devices listed in the app







(iPhone 😎

Operating System

(iOS 10)


My Question or Issue

 Since a couple of months, the Spotify app does no longer list al my Chromecast devices in my WiFi home network. I have approximately 15 devices (icluding groups) but only 7-8 of the are listed. Which onces are listed seem to be at random.


A while ago this was never an issue with the Spotify app.


I have other apps (e.g. SR Play) that are able to find ALL my chromecast devices.


I have tried uninstalling the Spotify app and installing it from new. It didn't help.


Please fix! 🙂



19 Replies

Same issue here in the last few weeks.

It seems the latest version of the app on iPhone 8 shows a maximum of 8 chromecast devices. 


On an iPhone 4 that is on the same network all my chromecast devices (12+) are shown in the list. 

I have the same issue... 

I have multiple Chromecast devices. Spotify (Premium) is only showing a limited amount of devices. Seems like the list gets truncated. 
Very frustrating. 

In my case, if I un-group my devices, they all show. Re-group them and only one shows again. Frustrating, but at least with them un-grouped, I can switch rooms again. Ready for this to be fixed, please.

Exactly what happens for me too.

I have 4 devices. A Chromecast Ultra and 3x Chromecast Audio devices. 

They show up inidividually on Spotify (IOS) on both iPhones (5s & 6 with up-to-date IOS versions)

As I 'Group' devices on Google Home App (GHA) for IOS...... I then go to Spotify on either of my iPhones and I can see the Group that's just been created, but, one of the devices goes missing. Either the list is truncated, or there is a serious limitation issue with Spotify.


Same problem here! Also sometimes when I can actually see the group it just stalls out on the connecting process. 


Iphone x



iPhone 6

spotify free

LG HS7 and H7


same issue here since 2 months, everything was working perfectly before.

i only have two devices an LG HS7 sound bar and an LG H7 speaker in a different room on the upper floor. I grouped them via Google Home so to sync music of upper and lower floor.

I cannot view the 3 modes (HS7 alone, H7 alone and HS7 + H7 groupes). Sometimes I can choose one and it says I should go premium to use the other modes.

I encounter this issue with my iPhone 6 and iPad however the system works flawlessly via a Samsung smartphone. 


I think we can concur, from this angle, that it's an issue with Spotify on IOS devices.

Now, just a matter of getting someone from the company to communicate with us and acknowledge that they will fix the damned thing! 
"Hark, a see a blue moon?!?"  "No :("

840 Views so far!

The posts that I have made on this BUG have had over 840 views without ONE solitary comment from Spotify. No acknowledgement of the bug. No suggestion whether to try something different. No prompt to have the issue escelated. Nothing! Zero! 

Premium service? Nope! 
Disappointment? Yep!

I have the same issue.


In my case I have five chromecast audio units and the are grouped in two different groups. I can only see one group at a time, this is very frustrating.

Welcome to our world! 
Sorry... you're not unique! 😞

Would you please call the police if/when you find the Staff Members of Spotify who are wearing their 'I CARE' T-Shirts!?
They seem to have gone missing 😞

Thank you! Not sure if I like this world 😞

shouldn't the fix be simple and straight forward? Since it works well on android and not iOS.

is there anything to be done to increase awareness?

To increase awareness? 
I suggest the following: 
- Create a website...... 
- Throw some SEO into it
- Tag some friends on Facebook
- A few billboards and posters along the highway
- Get Donald Trump on board
- Contact Ripley's Believe It Or Not!  
- Go to Church
- Pray!!!

1,573 Views on the comments that I've made about this topic across the Help platform..... with NO reply, No Response, No word from Support?
And yet ANOTHER week goes bye and NO acknowledgement, NO solution, NO follow up. NO Customer service options. NOthing!

Guys, what the **bleep** is going on?!

Same issue here - iphone x


Very annoying, every other ios app with chromecast shows every chromecast device 

Same issue. Spotify, please fix!

Shhhh!!  Don't wake the Spotify staff! They need their rest.

This has been going on for some time now. Not ONE response from any Staff members from Spotify, regardless of whether you're a PREMIUM user or unpaid.

Customer support = Zero!  

Hey guys!

Mine seems to be fixed in the new update of the app!!! I can see all my units and groups at once!


Take care!


About time!

Now all they need to do is do the same thing on their Windows App!!!

Echo Echo Echo!!!

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