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iOS app crashes when connected to a specific Wi-Fi.

iOS app crashes when connected to a specific Wi-Fi.




South Korea


iPad Air

Operating System

iOS 11


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I'm using the Spotify app on my XPS 15, MacBook Pro 2012, Samsung Galaxy 7. 

Recently, I install the Spotify on my iPad Air. But it crashes after logging in.


I reinstalled the app again and again, but it wasn't opened.


I found an article. that said, "Change the Wi-Fi connection.". So I changed to another Wi-Fi. Then, It works!


I think the problem in this situation is the Spotify iOS application.


Because Windows, macOS, Android app don't make a problem on this Wi-Fi.

And this Wi-Fi is connected to lots of network players, I think the iOS app fails to find connectable devices when Wi-Fi has lots of devices.

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Hey @K-Y-L-E, welcome to the Community.


Hope you are doing great!


Please try to reset your network settings to see if that helps.

If the wifi is yours, check it's settings that might be causing this to your iOS device only 🙂


If there are any updates available, please go ahead and install them.

Let me know how it goes 🙂

I updated Spotify just now, It doesn't crash.


The release note says, "Fixed one issue where cast devices were not discovered."


This was a problem in this situation.


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