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Bug: IOS Chromecast device list truncated

Bug: IOS Chromecast device list truncated

Tried posting this here:


Thread was almost immediately closed rather than considered, with directions to post it in "Other Issues" which nobody is allowed to post in - or at least I'm not able to.


Please consider reading this thread and notifying spotify engineering of the issue.


Copy/paste from that thread:


The chromecast device list in "devices" is truncated to five entries. I have five chromecast audio devices in my home, and using the Google Home app I've created two chromecast streaming groups. The groups contain my devices - for example, my "home" group allows me to play my spotify music on all five devices.


The spotify app on IOS only lists up to five chromecast options, and in my setup, I have seven options: five devices, plus two groups.


Reproducing this issue is easy.


Step 1: Use the google home app on IOS to create chromecast groups until there are more than five chromecast groups + devices available.


Step 2: Using the google music app, select the chromecast streaming button on the top right of the app, note that you see all of your groups + devices listed.


Step 3: In the Spotify IOS app, select the "devices available" button at the bottom of the screen. Note that only five chromecast device + group options are listed.


Screenshots exemplifing my issue follow.


In my home setup I have five chromecast devices: "Janes Room", "Guest Bath", "Living Room", "Master Bedroom", and "Master Bath".


I have two chromecast groups: Group "Home" contains all of my chromecast devices listed above, and group "Not Bedroom" contains all devices except for the "Master Bedroom" and "Master Bath" devices.


In the first screenshot shown below, Spotify shows five items, note that the "Home" chromecast group, and "Living Room" chromecast device are missing from the list.


In the second screenshot taken at the same time, the Google Music app shows all seven items (two groups, and five devices).


After the second screenshot. I removed the "Not bedroom" chromecast group from my setup using the "Google Home" app on my IOS device. I then returned to Spotify's devices list.


The third screenshot shows spotify's device list now shows the "Home" chromecast streaming group, but still "Living Room" is missing.


Note that no matter how many times I restart my IOS device, the devices list remains constant as shown in the third screenshot below.


Photo May 29, 1 56 48 PM.pngPhoto May 29, 1 57 04 PM.pngPhoto May 29, 1 58 28 PM.png

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Same problem, started about a month ago

Same problem here. 

Spoke to Google about it, but it seems to be a Spotify issue.

Has anyone tried any other apps/solutions to isulate the problem?

I have the same problem 8 devices and 3 groups, and only 5 shows up in Spotify.

There are no problems in Plex app or in tunein radio app... so it is definitely a Spotify app problem on Apple devices 

I'm glad that it's not just me experiencing it. I'm wondering what it'll take for the powers-that-be to look into it ASAP?! 

Surely it's not a huge task to tick off the list.
Any other apps you're using (apart from Plex) that you're using/testing?

Same problem, 5 Chromecast entries and in my case some additional Samsung wireless speakers, just pointing out that it is the Chromecast list that is truncated not the total list of devices. Removed all groups but one since i have four chromecasts as a workaround (:

So, effectively you're unable to get your Chromecast Audio and other audio devices into a group?

I have been trying to find a way to contact Spotify to advise them of this issue. There doesn't seem to be a way to do so though even though I'm on a Premium service. 

840 Views so far!

The posts that I have made on this BUG have had over 840 views without ONE solitary comment from Spotify. No acknowledgement of the bug. No suggestion whether to try something different. No prompt to have the issue escelated. Nothing! Zero! 

Premium service? Nope! 
Disappointment? Yep!

Didn't see this before, but I also have this problem as described in another thread (Why can't I insert a link to this thread? Seriously?!). It appears that one chromecast goes missing for each cast group.


For me, this happens in the spotify app on iOS. Google Play Music and Pocket Casts on the other hand work fine.

I contacted Spotify via twitter and got into contact with "/FJ". Will report back, if/when we make progress.


@SpotifyCares on Facebook is no better than in here, unfortunately.

"We're listening" "I'll put this through to the 'Right Department' " 

No ticket number, no number to call, Nowhere to report bugs, No direct way or means of follow up or accountability. 
Nothing concrete in the way of true customer service, unfortunately. 

@SpotifyCares on Facebook is no better than in here, unfortunately.

"We're listening" "I'll put this through to the 'Right Department' " 

No ticket number, no number to call, Nowhere to report bugs, No direct way or means of follow up or accountability. 
Nothing concrete in the way of true customer service, unfortunately. 

Hm. As this is my first problem with Spotify, I don't know their track record in this regard.


Thanks for sharing that info with us. We currently don’t have a timeframe for a fix, but we’ve let the right team know about this. In the meantime, we’d recommend keeping your app up-to-date /AV

That's the last DM I got via twitter. We'll see where we go from here... 😉

Cool. Thanks for letting us know. 

My choice —— not going to hold breath!!

Problem persists.  What a pain.  Maybe back to Google Play music

Yup..... I hear what you're sayin'!  

It's frustrating. 

I've noticed that this happens in the Casts podcast app too (on iOS).  My CCAs are all up to speed on firmware.  Network has been thoroughly tested.


Can any of you confirm that adding a group to your CCA list causes other casting apps to lose track of CCAs and CCA groups?


Google Home app shows the whole list, but casting apps like Spotify and Casts don't render the whole list.


I wonder if this is causing my CCA dropouts when playing Spotify... note the audio dropouts don't occur on Casts for me.


Anyone else have similar issues/feedback?


Not sure about the 'Casts' app on IOS, but I just downloaded a simple program called Chromecast by Xreme Media Works... and it'd seem that all the Chromecast devices and Groups (set up in Google Home app) show up. 

Was able to group all the audio devices and the list was not truncated, however, I head back to my lovely Spotify Premium and the list IS truncated! 

Frustrated? = YES!
Care Factor from Spotify? = ZERO

11,573 Views on the coments that I've made about this topic across the Help platform..... with NO reply, No Response, No word from Support?
And yet ANOTHER week goes bye and NO acknowledgement, NO solution, NO follow up. NO Customer service options. NOthing!

Guys, what the **bleep** is going on?!


Yep, same problem. Terribly annoying.

I have the exact same problem on the Spotify iOS app and tech support have been unable to help resolve it.  This started after a recent update and is 100% a Spotify app problem as none of my other services or apps have this issue.

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