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Local Files Not Playing

Local Files Not Playing

Hey guys, 

I've been using Spotify for many years now and I haven't ran into many issues that bugged me as bad as this one. Just recently, maybe a year ago, I didn't realize the app had a feature to import MP3 files and play them offline. The feature was working great for a couple of months with no problem at all, but for the last 2 months it hasn't been working properly. 


The problem is that when I download the MP3s and import them to Spotify, everything works fine until it reaches my iPhone 12. I followed the syncing process as per usual but the problem was that every time I try to play them on my phone, they wouldn't play at all. I would click on them, the icon of it playing would pop up and it just goes back down not playing at all. The songs aren't grayed out or anything and it works completely fine on desktop for some reason.


I made sure that both devices were shown to each other, connected to the same Wi-Fi, updated, etc. I sat down with 5 different Spotify representatives so far and none have had a solution for it. I tried both logging out and clean reinstalls on both the desktop and iPhone app. It's been frustrating not being able to play the stuff I want to listen to that's not on Spotify and I haven't been able to find anybody who had the same issue with a solution. I'm open to trying any solutions if anyone has had the same issue!



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Hey there @Cvtruong1030


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


Just to make sure, have you followed these specific steps to reinstall the app on your devices? If you're using Windows, make sure to download the app again from the Microsoft Store


On another note, we suggest that you try to change the source folder of the local files on the PC. The steps are: Uninstall Spotify on both devices > create a new folder somewhere else on the PC and move the local files there > install Spotify again > remove any potential source folders and add the new one > download the playlist again.


Keep us posted on how it goes.

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