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Local Files Won't Sync With iPhone 4s, Can't Sync Over Wifi

Local Files Won't Sync With iPhone 4s, Can't Sync Over Wifi

So I am currently living in a dorm and therefore using the college wifi. My understanding is that I cannot sync any device over wifi here because something in the router settings is blocking me from syncing (I have not been formally told this, but at home my ipad and iPhone sync over wifi at home and here no matter what I do, they will not sync.) Since I cannot change any settings in the router to allow this, I was hoping there was a way to sync my iPhone with spotify without using wifi so I can have all my local files in the spotify app. I have tried just about everything on here to try to get it to sync and nothing is working. I have tried to disable the firewall, make an exception in the firewall for spotify, reinstall, restore...just about everything I've read on here to do. Even when I hook it up to my computer via wire I cannot get it to show in the devices tab. Can anyone here tell me a work around or a way to do it so I know im not wasting my money? Thanks

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