Premium won't work on my iPhone

Premium won't work on my iPhone

I have had a premium account for sometime but all of a sudden it has stopped working, now I get the message saying I must have a premium account but I already do. Very Frustrating I have been without spotify for weeks now, please help!
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Given this is an iPhone topic I've moved it from the Android forum to the iOS one.


If your Apotify account is from before the Facebook tie-in days, make sure you are logging in with your Spotify username and password, not your Facebook username and password.


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Fridayhut - I've just taken a look at your account, and it appears that the next payment due was unable to be processed.

There's a few requirements you might need to check in order to get your subscription going.

1. Your card must not have expired. If you have received a new card, please update your card details on your Subscription page:

2. The country set in your Spotify account profile must match the country where your card is registered. If you intend to use a payment method in another country, you can make this selection on your Subscription page (We can only accept payment from our launch countries).

3. Your card should be enabled for e-commerce transactions (Verified by Visa/Mastercard securecard card).

4. Your card must be open to be used for foreign purchases.

5. There are some banks that require other security authentifications, the most common one being 3DSecure.

Once you have checked all of the above, please try again to subscribe from the subscription page of your account.
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Mine won't work either. I had the 30 day trial and switched to spotify premium and now I can't download songs or anything!

Bchbab39 - Just taken a look at our database, it you currently have Spotify Unlimited. To use the full range of features of Spotify on your iPhone, you'll need to use Spotify Premium -
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Same for me for weeks now. Works fine on laptop but says I need to be premium member when trying to stream from iphone. I have logged out/signed in, changed from facebook and spotify. nothing works. My account is in order and payment is current. Suggestions?

Hi jmahler - What's happened here is you've opened two accounts. Sounds like you've been signing into the new, free account instead of your Premium.


This can be sorted quite easily:


  1. In the Spotify desktop application, log out (File > Log out..)
  2. In the login box, now log back in again, using your Spotify username and password. This will log you back into your original account.
  3. However, your Facebook account will still be connected to the new Spotify account. To break this connection, connect to Facebook from within the desktop application. You can do this in Preferences > Social Network
    (Preferences is found under the File menu on Windows, and under Spotify on Mac)
    You can disconnect from Facebook after that, if you wish.

I've paid for Premium and if I click "upgrade" in Spotify now it says I have an active Premium-account. However I canno't use Spotify on my iPhone, when I click on a song (they are all marked "light grey") it says I need premium for on-demand mobile streaming? When I open Spotify on my computer it says just "Spotify" in the grey box instead of "Spotify Premium" wich it did the last time I purchased a Premium account.

Grizzlybwoi - Your account should be up and running on Premium now - Try logging out and back in a couple of times and it should hopefully forcefully refresh to your account.
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I have the new iPad and I am having the same problem. I have a premium Spotify account but when I try listening to a song on my iPad I get a message saying I can only listen to music with Spotify premium - wich I already have.

hi, i'm having the same issue.  I have a premium account but when i login on my iphone, it says i need a premium account. any suggestions?

I recently upgraded my account to premium and tried logging in and out of my account with my iPhone4 and on my laptop. I also uninstalled then reinstalled the app on my phone as well as rebooted. Still no luck.

I'm having the same issue: it says I need to upgrade to premium when I try to listen to music on my phone, but I have the receipt showing that I paid for premium. I've logged in and out a few times and nothing has changed.

I had the free trial and i went online thru my iphone to upgrade to the premium spotify for $9.99 a month so i can use my mobile and it will not let me search any music. It tells me only premium users can stream on demand. I checked my account multiple times and my cc is up to date and the payment has been recieved and went thru but for some reason its not letting me on.

Hey everyone - Your first port of call here should be doing a clean reinstallation on your iOS device.


If you're still not receiveing Premium please get in touch via the contact form. We'll then be able to handle each of your cases individually.

Please check my account as well. Not able to get premium on my iphone.

Any other users also experiencing this issue should get in touch via the contact form. From there we can confirm some details and most likely get you sorted sooner. 





Same for mé. Just created a free 30 days trial, but it keeps telling me to get premium on my IPad 

I've just got a spotify premium account but when I try and play songs on my iPad and iPhone it says I need a premium 😞 


Please help!! 

I just paid for my premium account and it won't work at all on my iphone. Im getting very frustrated. Please help.

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