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Local Files behave incorrectly on Apple devices when used with Windows

Local Files behave incorrectly on Apple devices when used with Windows






(iPhone SE 2, Desktop Computer)

Operating System

iOS 16, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

When adding local songs to a playlist using Windows, the same songs are inaccessible on iOS even when the identical files are loaded to the iPhone. The Spotify app incorrectly detects the two identical files as separate ones and treats them as if they were separate songs. I attempted to load 30 local songs onto my iPhone but found that only 1 out of 30 could be played on my phone while the other 29 songs reported that the song was not on the iPhone. After some investigation into the issue, I noticed that the iOS music app, the iOS Spotify app, and the iTunes app on Windows reported a different song length for the identical song, this was because while Windows application including the Windows Spotify app displays the song length as its truncated form, Apple applications appear to round up the song length making a song with a true length 4:21.521 appear as 4:21 seconds on Windows and 4:22 on iTunes and iOS. If a song's true length in its truncated form equals the same as its rounded form both songs would be linked correctly being accessible from both the playlist on Windows and iOS explaining why only 1 out of 30 songs managed to link correctly. I also made a test audio file on audacity, the recording would only link correctly between iOS and Windows if I had shaved a few fractions of a second off. I believe that the only fix for this issue can come from Spotify itself and I'm not sure if they are aware of this issue currently, manually fixing an entire song library would be completely unfeasible and would degrade the quality of the song files. 

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