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Local Files on Playlist not downloading on my iPhone

Local Files on Playlist not downloading on my iPhone






(iPhone 6s)

Operating System

iOS 13.6.1 (Latest as of today)


My Question or Issue

The files appear on my Spotify playlist as grey and even when the green download button is clicked, the local files still appear grey. 

I tried to add other songs on it that is already in spotify, but only those songs get downloaded


More info:

The songs are all converted to mp3 and from a CD I bought

Both apps and phone updated

Enable desktop syncing is on

WiFi and account are same 

PC to iPhone

Storage is more than 1GB

Deleted Local Files Sources on Spotify Desktop and re-added them (They are able to play on my Spotify)


If you need any more info I will do my best to provide you with it!

I hope someone can assist me on this! Thanks

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Hi @AllyZeurille,


Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community!


I first recommend trying the suggestions listed in the solution to this thread. And if you’re still experiencing issues with being able to download and play local files on your mobile device, I would recommend trying to sync your local files using a different network, such as by starting a hotspot on your mobile device and connecting your computer to the hotspot via wifi.


Let us know how it goes, as well as if you have any other questions.


Have a good day!

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Thank you for your help! I was trying to check each one on the list but when I checked on my playlist it somehow downloaded all the songs (the only change happened is I connected on another wifi network on another house)


Still, I will return to this when my apps bug out again and see what could cause the prob.


In Spotify, go to Settings, Scroll all the way down til you see Local Files, press on it, then you should see Enable Sync from Desktop, in case it happens again.

You absolute legend, I've been trying all morning to do this (with a long history of trying to push my spotify app to do this on multiple previous occations with other files so something of a veteran to this but suddenly none of my usual measures and checks

were working)

Thankyou spotify also for adding this as a switchable option on the phone -  hopefully if there's a problem again this should make things less fiddly

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