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Local Tracks unplayable

Local Tracks unplayable

I've been using Spotify for a really long time now, and it used to be I was able to play my local tracks without a subscription. I stopped using Spotify the last few months because of another problem. I recently updated my app and saw that I could finally sync my local files to my phone again but now that they are synced, I cannot just simply click on them and play them. The only option I have is to click the shuffle play button and listen to the songs in the playlist on shuffle. Is this a new Spotify policy or is there something wrong on my side. I really hope it is the latter of the two, because otherwise I will have to stop using Spotify. iPhone 5: 7.0.4 Spotify Version: 0.9.1
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If you are not a premium member, you can only shuffle for free 😕 It is explained here.

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