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Local files not showing

Local files not showing




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iPhone XR

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iOS 16.4.1


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I have some local files and they just won't show up on my phone. All my systems are completely updated, local files are enabled on both devices, and everything is linked to the same wifi network. I even deleted and redownloaded my Spotify apps. It shows on my phone that the playlist is downloaded, however nothing is showing and every time I click into my library, the download bar pops up for just a few seconds before disappear and not downloading anything

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Hey @lyncias,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for getting in touch.


The way Local files work has changed recently. The synchronization between files from PC and your mobile device over the network is no longer available. In order to play them in your Spotify app, the audio files need to be physically present on your iPhone's storage. You have to upload them on your phone and store them locally.  


Follow the steps in this FAQ and you will be able to access them shortly. 


In case you already uploaded them correctly and you're still unable to play them, it will be a good idea to remove all the local files you've uploaded on the app and try downloading them again. Moreover, it might be good to create new folders with the files.


Keep in mind that Spotify supports .mp3, .mp4, and .m4p files. It doesn’t support .mp4 files that contain video, or the iTunes lossless format (M4A). With that being said, some of your tracks may be protected in restricted formats and that might be the reason why they cannot be played.


We'd also suggest that you take a look at this FAQ under "Local File not playing?" to double check if those files meet the requirements listed there.


Hope this helps. Keep us posted if you have any questions 🙂

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