Local files not working?

Local files not working?

I’m really frustrated with the local files feature. I’ve been trying to work out how it works with no success.  I’ve got a few albums I’d like to add to Spotify on my mobile but only one album appears on my phone in a playlist and the other ones don’t appear at all. 


I really don’t know why one album from my local files would sync to my phone while no other would. I’ve made playlists for each album and made sure they’re set to play offline on my laptop and my phone. 


Ive tried all the usual fixes like using a personal hotspot and deleting the local files on my laptop and starting over but nothing works.  



Is there any fix for this does anyone know or is the feature just totally broken? It seems weird that Spotify is able to advterise this as easy to use and yet I’m paying every month and it just doesn’t work. Youtube music does allow something similar so I may have to move there if nothing works. 


Thanks for any help 🙂

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My files have just updated! They’re all there now. It’s taken me weeks and a lot of stress to figure this out though so maybe it’s just really random. 

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