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Local files out of order

Local files out of order

Hello all,


I'm syncing some local files from Spotify on Macbook Pro (late 2007 running Mountain Lion and the latest Spotify version) to my iPod Touch (running IOS 6.0.1 and latest Spotify). I can get the tunes from iTunes to Spotify on my Mac and the order looks good. But when I sync that to my iPod Touch in Spotify, the songs appear in some bizarre random order. They looked to be grouped together by album, but the songs are out of order. Some of these are albums I've purchased on iTunes and I've checked the metadata tags - track numbers and disc numbers are present.


I'm not sure if it's relevant, but I get the files into Spotify by dragging from iTunes. And in Spotify on my MacBook, it all looks good. Only when I add those local files in Spotify do they get out of order.


I'll also add that I have no problem playing the files in Spotify on either MacBook or iTouch. They sync over fine. It's simply an issue of ordering that is annoying me.


Got a feeling I'm missing something obvious, but can't see it!


Any help appreciated!

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I am having the same problem and I hope someone replies!! It's a bit frustrating with tracks that blend into one another... There doesn't seem to be a way to reorder them in the mobile app, though the order is correct on the Spotify desktop app... 


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