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iPhone/iPad won't connect to Spotify

iPhone/iPad won't connect to Spotify

Why won't my iPhone or iPad show up in the Devices list on Spotify? I am operating my laptop and my iPhone/iPad on the same Wi-Fi network and have no Firewall restrictions in place (running Windows 7 64-bit)

Please, please, please can someone help me out??? I've read streams and streams of posts, blogs etc on this subject and tried all sorts but have still had no luck. 


I also downloaded the Remoteless app yesterday and that won't connect to my Spotify either - is this a huge coincidence? Is there something on my laptop that is preventing these connections?

Any help would be massively appreciated. 

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It sounds like a setting on your router. Did you read here?

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Thanks, but what do I need to change the settings to and how do i do this?

Hi. The link I posted earlier has some helpful steps and then it also refers to more specific network and router settings:

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My ipod  won"t connect with Spotify. ipod dontschow up in the devices list.

Thanks. Spoke with my IT Support and it was suggested I disable my ESET security - I did exactly that and now all fixed!!! I'm now also able to use the Remoteless app too thanks to this.

Awesome news!

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Okay, ipad 2 synced and after closing spotify app iphone4s device was shown and is syncing now - no problem anymore 🙂


Hi, i am new to this forum, and i'm sorry about digging out this old thread.


But i have a similar problem: my win 7 desktop, iphone 4s and ipad 2 are connected wireless with my router.

I created a playlist with only local files, then installed spotify app on iphone and ipad. Went to playlist in the apps and it started syncing. But not all files were synced (checked format file: it's .mp3 so it should sync, and the files can be played on desk within spotify). Now i read a thread in which was said, connect all to same wireless, start app on mobile device, click on devices @spotify desk and then the device appear and can be synced. So i did - and after some seconds my ipad 2 device name appeared and is now syncing the missing files. I am glad ^^

But: my iphone 4s does not appear? Can Spotify desk only manage 1 device?

I am streaming a radio on my iphone right now, it works but the device dont show up @spotify desk...

Any idea?


Sorry for my bad english 😉

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