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Local files sync is NOT working

Local files sync is NOT working






iPhone 8

Operating System

iOS 10


My Question or Issue

Syncing of local files added in the Spotify PC client does not work at all, and not ONE of the suggestions over the last handful of years are helping one bit.


On my Win7 computer (on the same wlan as the iPhone 8, and OF COURSE logged into the same premium account), I've added a bunch of local mp3 files. Then I've created a playlist - on the Spotify PC app - containing these files.

On the Spotify app on the iPhone8, I immediately see the above mentioned playlist. And it even says "67 files". However, when opening it, it's completely empty. I've tried the useless trick of clicking the "..." in the top right corner and selecting Download. Doesn't work. I've removed the download and selected it again a hundred times. Nothing happens. None of the 67 tracks which are visible on the PC - both in Local Files and the playlist containing them, are showing on the iPhone.

And I've been trying this while all the time having the PC app and the iPhone app open at the same time.

I'm a paying Premium Family subscriber, and I demand that you solve this IDIOTIC problem quickly. I've had my share of problems with Spotify over the years, as a paying customer, but they've always been solved when using your now non-existing email support. This new community support is something I have nothing but bad experience with, and I'm not giving you any more chances than this.


Fix this now!!

4 Replies

Hi @frankhovin,


Sorry to hear you're having issues with Spotify local files syncing! 


I recommend that you check Windows firewall or if you have a anti-virus suite running that includes a firewall, make sure to allow spotify.exe through. Under Windows Firewall there are two spotify.exe apps listed, one is checked for public networks and one for private networks. Put a check mark next to them both and click OK at the bottom.


Your local files should start syncing!


Thanks, and have a lovely day.


This was of course the first thing I tried. Windows Firewall is turned OFF for the local network, and Windows Defender is turned OFF alltogether. No other firewall and/or anti-virus software is present.


I'm sitting here with both the PC and iPhone application open. On the PC the playlist has 67 files. On the iPhone, the playlist SAYS 67 files but when I open it, all I see is the BROWSE button. I've turned OFF/ON Download (on the iPhone app) repeatedly, but absolutely nothing happens.

Hi @frankhovin, thank you for getting back to me.


May I request that you perform a clean reinstallation of Spotify on your devices. This will give the best chance of this issue being resolved by itself. Please make sure to include the steps where cache is deleted on your PC/Mac.


Thanks, have a lovely day.

Hey @frankhovin, welcome to the Community.

Hope you are doing great!

Also, you can read this thread regarding your issue as it might help 🙂

Please read this FAQ regarding Local files too.

If these 2 didn't help, could you try creating another user account on your PC and install Spotify there and trying to redo the process?


Let me know how that goes 🙂

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