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Local files working on laptop but not appearing on iphone

Local files working on laptop but not appearing on iphone

Plan: premium
Device: iphone 6S and mac
I've had local files on my iphone for as long as I've had spotify, but i recently had to transfer to a different iphone, and when I did my local files did not transfer. However, they are still present and working on my old iphone, and also on my laptop.
The files are in a playlist which i have downloaded, but when i access the playlist on my phone, it says the playlist is empty. The files are also downloaded and working on itunes on my phone.
I've tried moving the files i want to a new folder and adding this folder as a local file source but that did nothing.
There's also multiple versions of the files under the 'local files' tab for some reason (honestly idk why you can't just delete files but ok).
The only thing that's worked is re-downloading the files but there are quite a few, that would take forever so if there's an alternative that would be amazing.
They're just songs which aren't available on spotify or itunes, some youtube covers etc. but I'm wondering if it could be that spotifys recognising them as illegal downloads or something?? i really have no clue, any help is really appreciated.
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Hey @acaciak, welcome to the Community.


Hope you are doing great!


Pease read this FAQ regarding Local Files and see if that helps.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

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