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Local songs playing on computer, but not iPhone

Local songs playing on computer, but not iPhone

So I have downloaded some songs online from a video to mp3 converter of remixes and other lesser known songs and put them in my spotify playlists. These songs play fine from my computer, but on my iPhone the phones appear in a darker text and gives me the error "Song Not Synced. If you own the song you can sync it from your computer." Then it gives me the steps to sync songs to your iPhone, which I have done, and makes no difference. Please help this is very annoying

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Hey there,

so are you a premium subscriber? You need to put your downloaded local files into a seperate playlist and make it available offline on your iPhone. To do so, you need to be on premium. The songs will sync automatically after enabling the offline button on top of the playlist.

Im having the exact same problem as the person above is, and I already have put them in a seperate playlist, and I do have premium, and it wont fix

Carina, before responding, have you tried performing local file sync yourself? It's quite obvious this feature no longer works.

I have the same as the above, and yes I have premium

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