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Track Skipping Issue/Queue Issue

Track Skipping Issue/Queue Issue

I recently upgraded my iPhone 6 to iOS 8.4. Seemingly at random my Spotify will decide to not follow an album or an artists track listing. For example. Say I'm listening to Pink Floyd's The Wall and I'm just viewing the album. I am listening to the song "In the Flesh?" the next song should be "The Thin Ice" but sometimes my phone decides it will play a completely different song from the album like "Mother." This is not specific to playing through an album or an entire artist.


I will also have an issue where if I select a song on the album that is not at the beginning of the album will skip back to the beginning of the album instead of to the next track. The other problem with this is sometimes a track will get stuck as the only track in the queue despite not having made any queue selections.

The only way I have been able to repeat this issue is if I go into an app that requires the mic (e.g., snapchat, camera) and Spotify does a forced pause or if I pause the track and then go into one of those apps.

I hope I am explaning this as clearly as possible. Hope I can get some help. This isn't an app-breaking issue, just a nuisance.

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