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Lock button acts as play button


Lock button acts as play button


I’ve encountered a bug that really bothers me.

I have a Premium account


iPhone X

Operating System

iOS 12.2

My Question or Issue

Whenever I pause my music and lock my phone, the music starts playing again. It’s like as if the lock button was a “play” button. It doesn’t happen if the phone locks itself on it’s own. This had never happened to me until I updated my iOS, so maybe it has something to do with that. Also, this bug only happens in Spotify, all my other apps that play music don’t cause this issue.

I hope this bug will be fixed soon.

Thank you.

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iPhone XS Max here.  Can confirm this is happening to me too.


I tried reinstalling the app which seemed to fix the issue for a short time, now it's back.  It sure would be nice to have this fixed.  It's extremely annoying.

i have the same issue, this started about two weeks ago. this is very annoying.


Everytime when i disconnected bluetooth earphones while spotify is on, the music stops as usual, but music will start again if i press the lock button to switchoff the lockscreen.

Very annoying to say the least. Can't believe only 15 persons have this bug!!!

please Spotify, FIX IT!.

Really, can't believe nobody complains about this **bleep** bug!. It should not have to be that difficult to fix!

Should I return to Apple Music????

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Many more people have this problem. Have a look at this thread. It is the same problem with already more than 500 people with the same problem.

I have the same issue. Is seems to be an issue related to auto pause and resume when another audio font tryies to reproduce music. It happens with whatsapp audios and spotify playing music as well. 

It is ultra annoying issue.

Please fix it. I have to force close the app each time it happens.


Same issue

Same issue. On an iPhone XS Max and this issue is driving me crazy! Between this and and not being able to disable the “remote control” “feature” I’m about done with Spotify. Please fix, my power button is firing up music on remote devices and I’m none the wiser😡

For me the temporal solution has been to reboot the iPhone. This fixes the issue for some days then it occurs form no discernible pattern again. 

I am on iOS 12.2 on iPhone X and Apple music app is deleted form my phone.

Count me as another person experiencing this frustrating problem.  Surely, this cannot be a difficult fix and could be implemented from either end of the system - Spotify or Apple.


Thank you.

Same issue here. I don't know the exact date of the first occurrence but I believe it was sometime in March. It has continued intermittently ever since.



iPhone XR

iOS 12.2



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