Lockscreen widget iOS 11


Lockscreen widget iOS 11



I've been running iOS 11 beta on my iPhone 7  the last few days and I've just noticed that when playing Spotify the lockscreen widget is no longer full screen...


Now I'm aware iOS 11 is still in the beta phase and potentially things aren't set in stone however can anyone confirm if this is how Spotify will look when running on iOS11?


I prefer the full screen (large album artwork) view than how it looks now, as at a galance it is difficult to see what song is being played in my opnion.



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A reboot of a phone is not a solution here, it keeps happening on a daily basis and I don't feel like resetting my phone every time. Spotify/Apple should look into this. I noticed it goes together with my bluetooth headphones icon not showing up anymore in the status bar next tot the battery indicator.

I have the exact same issue! The original apple earphones don’t control volume/ skip tracks either. I have restarted which works the first time I open the app to play music but eventually fails again once the phone is locked. 


Agreed, it is increasingly frustrating.


That said, I'm not convinced that it's a spotify issue here, more likely that it's a iPhone flaw/change that spotify will need to update their app to overcome/bypass.

This just disables the widget, not resolves the issue.

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