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 I was logged out of my iPhone Spotify app and since then I’m not able to log back in. I can log in to my iPad app and on computers at well - only the iPhone app doesn’t work. I got a new password and even that one doesn’t work. There always comes the message I should try later again. What can I do to get back in to my app account ? 

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Hi there, welcome to the Community.

I’m sorry to hear you're having trouble logging in. I recommend checking out this Spotify Answer for more info.

This should help clear things up! 🙂

Thanks for your answer - I did all of those things and it’s still not working. Any other idea ? 

If I try to log in with Facebook I get referred to Facebook - confirm the login via Facebook - get back to the Spotify app and still find the log in screen as if nothing has happened. I tried to log in with my boyfriends log in data and again it’s not working. So it has to be the iPhone app with a problem 

Hey @JaninaBrix,


It seems you are trying to sing up from there.

Try to go back and tap Sign in then fill in your credentials.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

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