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Log off and on the iOS app??

Log off and on the iOS app??






(iPhone X)

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(iOS 12.1)


So how do I log off and on the iOS app? I purchased premium, and it’s working with my Mac app, but my phone is telling me I’m on the free plan.

I assume the account that is already associated with my phone is not the account that I upgraded to premium with my Mac; but I never actually logged in when I installed the app on my phone. I used Spotify years ago so It looks like it automatically picked my account for my phone that I used back then... but how do I now log that off and login with Facebook, the account that I used to sign up for premium on my Mac?


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Press "Your Library" at the bottom-right of the screen, click the settings/cog wheel in the top right and then scroll down to the bottom. You should see a big white button saying "Log out".

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