Lost all Music which was Starred!!!

Lost all Music which was Starred!!!

I'm really hoping someone can help fix this, I'm not hopeful but here goes!

I have been using Spotify for a number of years and have been more than happy with the service until very recently.

I originally had all songs in playlists as was the set up with Spotify, I then noticed that with the update songs could be 'starred' and added to a full music library in which one particular artist or album could be played very easily (rather than having a playlist for every album). I was over the moon with this option as I had requested this many times previously!

So I started a clear up with my playlists, all separate albums included as playlists I began starring and deleting the playlist, this meant that when viewing the 'Your Music' and 'Songs' or 'Album' folder on my iPhone I could easily navigate to the album or song and play it this way. I then left all playlists related to certain genres of music and thought great!!

But then maybe 3/4 weeks ago I noticed that all the starred music had disappeared meaning all the albums I had saved have disappeared and I'm left with only playlists!

Please tell me there is a solution to get all this music back?

Pretty please. 🙂

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Hello Leigh! Welcome to the Spotify Community!

Is the Starred Playlist disappeared on your end? Can you try going to, login to your account, and click on recover playlists on the top navigation menu and see whether you can recover your starred playlist?

If not, simply click on the link below to contact the Spotify Support team and reply back to the automated email if receive, and someone will link you up to retrieve back all of your songs.

Have a great weekend mate!

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