Lost my liked songs after update

Lost my liked songs after update


hi all so I done the new update on my phone and I went back onto Spotify and I went to my liked songs folder and all the songs have gone but folder still there ? Anyone able to help how I can get it all back without putting them all back myself ?

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Hi Nickxhart!


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Try the following solutions:

1. Log out from Spotify and log back in.

2. Reinstall Spotify using the following steps.

3. Try using a different device or the Spotify Web Player.


Let me know if any of these helps.



Hi @Nickxhart,


Just checking if you had a chance to try any of the steps that @SoundShots suggested above?


In case they didn't solve your issue, could you give us some more info on what's happening and let us know the device and operating system you’re using? Can you access the Liked Songs playlist from Your Library and it just doesn't contain any tracks or is the playlist missing entirely?


Also is this happening just with one particular device or across all devices including the web player?


Lastly, it'd be great if you could share a screen-recording or some screenshots of what's happening on your end, so that we can look further into it.


Thanks - We'll keep an eye out for your reply!

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Hi, I'm using a laptop, Windows 10. I have just logged back in, and the "liked songs" folder was there, bu it was empty. But the weird part is, the playlist (liked songs) is there on the web player, and my tablet. I have attached two screenshots, one of which, is the app itself, which shows no liked songs, whereas in the web player, it shows all my liked songs. Please answer quickly! 

Annotation 2020-07-30 095647.jpg
Annotation 2020-07-30 095801.jpg


Hi @PineAcolyte!


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This is an Ongoing Issue that Spotify is investigating, which you can find more information about here. On that page, there will be a status update of the next steps to take and information to provide. Please add your +VOTE, as this will help with the investigation. Additionally, subscribe to the thread by selecting the 3 dots at the top right hand corner.


Sometimes a clean reinstall of the app seemed to resolve the issue.


Hope this will be fixed soon.






Thanks for the quick reply!
I'll check the link out.
Thanks again!

Deleting the iPhone app then reinstalling it worked for me!


thanks reinstall worked for me


Hi. I lost all my liked playlist after the update. 
i tried everything except reinstall the app. first I have a question, by reinstalling I’ll have to download all my songs on the device again? I’m living in a country with a limited access to internet and made sure to download all my song. Thank you. 



Hi I’m having the same problem. I updated the app on my phone and all my liked songs are gone. It looks like they’re on my desktop version still. I tried uninstalling and redownloading the app but the songs are still not there. I’m often without WiFi so listening to my liked songs offline is my only option. Please help ASAP. Also FYI I have the paid version. Thank you.

Fantastic. It worked. Reinstalled Spotify as per the simple instructions supplied and have got my 'liked songs' back on my Mac. Thanks so much!


Hi I’m having a similar problem. All my liked songs disappeared so I logged out, deleted and reinstalled the app. I was able to get all my songs back but now when I go to airplane mode they disappear. Previously I was able to switch to airplane mode and listen to all my liked songs. This is no longer the case. Please advise. 


Reinstalled worked for me too! Thank you.

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