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Lots of Problems

Lots of Problems

I couldn't use my old Ipod with Spotify so I got an Ipod Touch 5.0 and subscribed to a premium plan...I downloaded the app from spotify for my Ipod, and it still have  problems....My Ipod won't show up under devices...and the app crashes about 4 sec after I sign in with Facebook.  Or any other way for that matter.  Tried several different usb cables...still nothing.  Needless to say this is getting expensive and frustrating to listen to music on the go...I just want the thing to work like you say it will.  I've tried wi-fi connections and as mentioned before USB the app..etc. etc. etc.  I need answers or my money and I will be gone because it's just too un-reliable and frustrating for anyone.  Please answer this post as soon as humanly possible. 

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Also....the only music I want to llisten to is from your would think you would want us premium paying customers to be able to at least listen to your content!??????

Spotify is having problems, whether they acknowledge them or not. Devices DO NOT show up in the Devices list. Local files won't sync. Things have fallen apart in the last month.


And there's not much word about what's going on either. So you never know. I like to believe there's someone at Spotify who's working on these issues. About the only word we get here, which is unofficial, is that whatever problems you have have something to do with your computer (firewall settings, wireless incompatibilities, etc.), which is a load of crap.


Come on, Spotify, tell us what's wrong and what you're doing about it. Or peddle faster. Or SOMETHING.

I agree....there's just too many of us having the same similar problems for this to be everyone else's problem except for's a great concept....just fix it, or at least tell us that you can't!


Hi guys,

Dfatman51 - Are you running any cache cleaning apps at all on your iPod? This may explain the crash. However, you should be able to log in with your Facebook login details. In order to sync your iPod with your computer, please try the following...

1. Connect your phone to the same wi-fi network as your computer (make sure that your computer is connected to the wi-fi network wirelessly).

2. Log in to the Spotify app on your phone.

3. Your phone should now appear under “Devices” in your Spotify desktop client. Select your device in the Devices list.

4. Choose the playlists you would like to sync for offline use on your phone. If you want the local files to be synced then mark the "Local files" check box.

Regarding our website, Spotify is an application, which means it doesn't play though a browser. You'll be able to download the software from here:

Just log in with your Facebook details and start listening.

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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Well where do I begin?  I don't have any cache running apps on m Ipod....or on the lap-top computer.  My laptop, printer, cell phone (which is a dinosaur), and the blue ray disc player all run off the same wi-fi connection.  Of course not all at once.  My Puter is synced with the wireless and so is my Ipod.  The app is downloaded to the phone effortlesssy, and then the problems start.  I can open the app on the phone and it crashes within four seconds.  Not long enough to check anything or sync anything.  And it doesn't show up under devices in spotify...wirelessly, or thru the usb chord...(and I've tried different ones).   

Well I don't know what ANYONE DID?  But I changed my password for facebook, and on the everything works??!!!   Don't ask me?  I just know that nothing worked before....and the only thing different was the password.


Dfatman51 - We didn't touch anything! Hmm that's a strange solution, but I'm really pleased it's working properly. Let us know if you have any more trouble.

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

Question answered? Just click 'Accept as solution' to help other users out. Easy.

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