Major issue in iOS 7 beta 3...


Major issue in iOS 7 beta 3...


Anytime volume is adjusted in beta 3, the app crashes immediately. Works fine up until then.


Added note by MattSuda: 

Also -- the ability to re-arrange tracks (added in version 0.7.1) is not working in IOS 7 beta 3. When in "edit mode" the playlist view is bugged.

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So what about us developers? Who need iOS 7?

The advantage of reporting these problems is that they can be alleviated before iOS 7 hits the public release. This is why developers get early access.

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I'm sorry but are you retarded?
Developers preview is available for us because we are to help our fellow developers to fix bugs...


Yeah, that's why I said it's for developers and not for everyday use. It's for people to report bugs and for people to obviously develop for iOS. Not for the general public. Reporting bugs is good. Complaining that it doesn't work in a BETA OS that isn't officially supported which is what a few threads on the community boards have done (Not that this thread is a complaint), not so good.

I appreciate people may only have one phone and need to be on iOS 7 but the majority of studios and Independent developers tend to have more than one device. Which is why I said it might be best to downgrade back to iOS 6 for everyday use.

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From what I can see, most people in this thread are trying to figure out what fixes the problem and what doesn't. Which would also help Spotify home in on the issue.

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Spotify for iOS 4 Worked just fine without crashing. But I am sure when Beta 4 comes out they will fix the bug for adjusting the volume in the newer spotify.

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I am having same issue, but it appears intermittently, sometimes it doesn't occur at all. Sometimes only when volume down.


OK here is a workaround:


Start Spotify and play some music

swipe up the control center and change the audio routing to an airplay device

pause and continue the song 

change the routing back to the ios device


now you can cange the volume without crashing the app


that works until the spotify app gets killed by the system

u may change the songs and switch to another audio app and back to spotify without crashing the app ...

On ios 7 beta 3, if you are listening to a song and change the volume the app crashes, even if I reinstall it or force quit.

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Hi. I'll move your post to the thread where issues with the beta are being discussed.

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Hi to everybody.
I'm using iOS 7 beta 3 and anytime I change the volume up/down the app crashes.
It doesn't matter if the phone is locked, the app is in background or foreground. It always crashes :-s
I didn't have any problem in previous betas (1 and 2)
Thanks to all!

iOS 7 beta 3, iPhone 5, latest Spotify from App Store:

Plug in your headphones and adjust the volume a bit *before* starting Spotify. Then once you've launched Spotify and started playing a track, adjusting the volume on-screen or using the hardware buttons works fine for me.

Let me know.

It doesn't work on my iPhone 5 (Beta 3). I think you have luck.

Can confirm this happens on both iPhone 5 and iPad mini with iOS 7 beta 3.


Just download Tunigo and login with your account. It works just great.

This may not be the case for you guys, but if I switch into multitasking mode and then adjust the volume of spotify while a track is playing, then it doesn't crash the app. Give it a shot.

Hey, Just Found a workaround:
1 install spotify for ios 4
2 Login
3 install normal spotify
4 try to login (it redirects to the Old app)
5 delete spotify for ios 4
6 Login the new one
7 have fun

Works on iphone 5.

Thank you JarydX worked for me!

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When I went to login to the new app after logging into the old one, it did not redirect to the old app. Did I miss something?

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found a fix for this a while ago. forgot to post.

just play music without your headphones plugged in. once the music starts plug your headphones in and you can adjust the volume fine.

I'm running iOS 7 and the original spotify app worked fine but this updated version with the new icon crashes when changing the volume with the buttons and my offline playlist with over 500 songs no longer loads in offline mode (smaller playlists are fine)