Major issue in iOS 7 beta 3...


Major issue in iOS 7 beta 3...


Anytime volume is adjusted in beta 3, the app crashes immediately. Works fine up until then.


Added note by MattSuda: 

Also -- the ability to re-arrange tracks (added in version 0.7.1) is not working in IOS 7 beta 3. When in "edit mode" the playlist view is bugged.

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Spotify crashes on iOS 7 beta 3 when I turn The volume up while playing songs If I pause the song then turn volume up it works it was fine on iOS 7 beta 2 and lower

Please change the icon back. I wish i had an jailbreak to change the icon to the old one 😞

And fix this darn music sound controls bug.
Aaand but top songs in the app

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@JarydX wrote:
Hey, Just Found a workaround:
1 install spotify for ios 4
2 Login
3 install normal spotify
4 try to login (it redirects to the Old app)
5 delete spotify for ios 4
6 Login the new one
7 have fun

Works on iphone 5.

Is this still working for you days later?

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There seems to be another bug, but I don't know whether it is with iOS 7 in general or with Spotify. When you switch tracks from the lockscreen or control-center often the position within the track is displayed the wrong way.

Maybe the devs are already aware of this.

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Easiest fix so far:


Open Music App - Play part of a song

Open Spotify App - Play song (to gauge volume)

If you want to adjust volume for iPhone without crashing Spotify - switch back to the music App and play the song and adjust down or up.

Switch back to the Spotify app and play a song, it should fade in at the new volume level 🙂

I'm testing iOS7 Beta 3, iPhone 5 and have found the same volume bug.

When increasing volume, all is fine, but if I decrease the volume, the app crashes and forgets the names of playlists until it re-syncs again.

This bug did not exist in Beta 2.


Same problem here... i also tried it with the headphone remote but it also crashes there 😞 

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We don't need people who tell that they have the issue, too. It's a known issue with the beta and everyone got it.

Guys, you are using a beta. So you got 2 possibilities:
1) Accept that a beta is a beta and cope with the problem. Find a workaround for it or read this thread - it contains several ones!
2) Go back to iOS 6.

It is ok to use a beta as a daily driver in my opinion, but you should really keep in mind that it's an unfinished product.

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I am not complaining about it and I understand it's going to be buggy and it's nobody's fault I was just informing them of this problem as it helps them to sort it out I am happy with spotify and trust that they are working hard to resolve this issue

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From a software engineer's perspective, here's my take after first replying with this issue on Page 2. 


-Spotify is directly calling the iOS volume control, not using their own (like Pandora, which I think is an ugly way to do it).

-It worked fine in Beta 2.

-Other music services, such as Slacker, don't have this issue on Beta 3 even though they too are calling the native volume controls (they do have other issues though, so this isn't a plug for them or any other service). 


With that, the API calls must have changed from Beta 2 to Beta 3, and the way that Spotify is calling it or interracting with it is too granular. This still may be an iOS issue rather than a Spotify issue, but in either case, Spotify and I'm sure Apple is aware of the issue.


Here's to hoping my email doesn't continue to be plagued with redundant notifications 🙂

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I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this but with my spotify if I play it and then try to change the volume the app crahses. I must select a volume and then open spotify. I'm getting problems now and then where spotify distorts my music and since I've installed spotify it has stopped my normal music player from playing any music.

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Hi, and welcome to the community!

Being another iOS 7 user, I can confirm the volume change crash bug. Spotify 0.7.1 already crashes on startup, but there is no fix for the similar bug on iOS 7.

I will escalate this issue to the staff for you, so hopefully (despite the fact iOS 7 is in beta) the devs might be able to look into fixing it.


Anthony 🙂

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If you play music from the discover tab, the volume crash doesn't happen. It seems to only crash on me when I change volume when the music is playing from the starred playlist. 😮 if you add to queue from that tab it doesn't crash for me. 😮


i got the same problem here.... its been a terrible experience for me. now i dont even use spotify on my iphone to listen to music, using itunes radio instead.

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Guys, HOW IS THIS NOT FIXED YET? Seriously... it's been weeks now.


Not only does the app crash -every single time- the volume is adjusted in any way (be it from within the app itself, device hardware buttons, lock screen, or control center), but it also buys the farm on 70% of attempts to interact with YOUR OWN stupid "now playing" bar when playing through another device (either via BT or USB).


I understand that supporting a beta environment and its supporting test community can not be priority one. But this is such a ridiculously gigantic bug that, made obvious by its enormity, almost has to be caused by a VERY high-level function conflict. It can't possibly be that difficult to patch. And seeing that it is currently ruining the usability of the app for some of your premium subscribers, I think it's time for you to deal with it.

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It is going to have to be fixed sometime, and you are right it can't be that hard to fix. None of my other free apps have issues this bad on ios7 beta. My work phone has iOS7 beta because we are testing it and I use spotify all of the time on my work phone

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If anyone wants a quick fix - I have found that when you find a song you want to play if you click the three dots on the right of it and swipe to the right to where it says go to album and then click it - then play the song from there and you can change the volume.

I would to add that I have ios7 and spotify and I have had nothing but problems. I've tried reinstalling the app at every update my issues still don't go away. I can change the volume without the app crashing, while switching from wifi to cellular it will "loose connection to the net" and I won't be able to use the radio until I reset the entire app. Also random crashes that I can't pin point.

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My fix was to remove Spotify 0.7.1 from both iPhone and iTunes, fetch 0.6.4 from backup, add that to iTunes and then Sync.

0.6.4 works like a charm on iOS7 Beta3.


Then just remember to disable background updating of Apps on the phone. 🙂