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Metadata over AirPlay not working

Metadata over AirPlay not working

Using Spotify Premium with IPAD Air 2 and Yamaha A2020 Home Theater Receiver via AirPlay.  Music works fine, but metadata is not transferring.  IOS ver 9.0.2, Yamaha firmware is up to date.  It used to work, but not now.   Metadata does transfer from music stored on IPAD.  Metadata is also not transferring with Pandora (free).  Have already tried rebooting IPAD, router, and receiver.  Any ideas oh how to get metadata transfer working?

2 Replies

I also reloaded the Spotify app on the IPAD and rebooted, but still no worky. Any ideas?

The same thing happens with my IPhone 6 with IOS 9.01.  Music plays over Airplay, but no artist, album, song info and no album art.  It used too work.


Can anyone help?

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